Introducing the “Echoes of an Ancient past” collection. This collection is taking you on a journey to lush green lands, stone carvings hidden in the vegetation, and rare days with blue skies. Symbolizing that between the earth and the sky, magic is there if you know where to look 💫💫

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This new collection transports you back in time to the Neolithic period, up on the fells in Northumbria there are amazing Neolithic rock carvings dating back to 4,000-6000 years ago.

Until recently, these carvings were hardly documented and generally only known about by local knowledge. This meant that to discover more about this I walked miles, talked to farmers about where they were and asked for permission to enter land to find them! Such a fabulous experience seeking out these carvings accross Cumbria, Northumbria, Ireland, Wales and Brittany, as part of my uni thesis.  The beauty of this is many are preserved by the moss and grasses on top of them and it was like an adventure seeing the uncovered rocks and their formations or imagining what intricate designs laid beneath the surface of moss and grasses. 

There are multiple theories as to what rock art carvings mean. Some experts believe they may have played a role in fire, feasting and offering activities, or been used as ‘signposts’, or to mark territory.

Other experts point to a spiritual significance. For hunter-gatherer communities high mountains or seashores were often considered the domain of spiritual ancestors and the vast majority of rock art is found in these areas.

Whatever the meaning all I know is that there is something special about this and this collection was intricately carved from a deep place within history.  Echoes of an ancient past honors these formations and the moving feeling stirred within from visiting them. 

I hope simply having these bowls in your home and eating from gives you the same feeling of excitement as peering under the moss to see what lays beneath

This collection was handmade with love as always.