Every month, the Moon cycles through all the signs of the Zodiac and every relevant constellation. 

The energy of a Full Moon (influenced by the current Zodiac transit) is heightened and emotions, feelings, mental processes, dreams etc are all amplified. The is a powerful time of gratitude, manifesting your deepest desires and gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into your life.  You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity, bliss out in sensual activities and let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve your soul.

The Full Moon is a great time to create a ceremony, so use your Sacred Full Moon plates here to strengthen the vibrations 

1. Sit under the light of the moon & meditating (here is a great practice idea... As you breathe-in allow the moon to warm your Heart & expand the beauty of the present moment and as you breathe-out let the light of the moon absorb that which you wish to release). 

2. Write down that which you wish to manifest,

3. Light a candle for yourself

4. Come together with others in sacred circle.

5. Always place your crystals out under the Full Moon to cleanse their crystalline structures and infuse them with reflected solar vibrations.

The full moon is a powerful way to bring healing and simply BE.