Holding Cups. Your perfect companion for when you are having your own coffee ritual on the go. Take a moment and enjoy. 
With every ceramic holding cup I donate a portion of each sale to the organisation One Tree Planted. Every year over a billion coffee cups are thrown out in Australia alone. By reusing these coffee cups you are not only helping to reduce this number, but with every cup purchased a native tree will be planted in Australia by onetreeplanted.org helping with reforestation after the bushfires.
One Tree Planted work with reforestation organisations around the world, helping local communities restore forests. Your coffee cup can help in so many positive ways. The trees planted help clean the air, provide access to clean water, restore habitat, provide jobs, improve health and remove carbon from the atmosphere.
These cups are wheel thrown to the exact specifications for the silicone lid to fit. The cups have either finger buttons or a silicone band to reduce the heat transfer and make them comfortable to hold when filled with a hot liquid. I use a variety of clays, glazes, tissue transfers, wax resist, carvings, gold lustre, free hand painting and sgraffito to get the different finishes. Each cup is unique.
Each ceramic cup come with a eco food safe silicone lid. These lids and bands are microwave and hot and cold wash safe.

The best way to keep your ceramic cup in as new condition is to hand wash after use. I totally get that this often is not likely to happen, so I fire all my pieces to the high temperature of 1260 degrees C so it is OK for the cup to go in the dishwasher. Just be aware that depending upon the chemicals used, you may find that over time the glazes can become dulled.
If your cup has gold lustre, its actually 12 carat gold then I would definitely hand wash as it is like a piece of jewellery and gold lustre does not like going through the dishwasher and is likely to fade or come off completely. Do not put gold lustre into the microwave - gold is a metal! In fact, I would not recommend putting any pieces in the microwave. If your cuppa goes cold, go mad, make yourself a fresh one.