All shipping within Australia is FREE for orders over $75 :-) This is for any number or weight of pieces. Go mad and shop away! All items will be packed and posted to you within 48 hours, if not the same day! I use Sendle couriers ( www.sendle.com) and where possible I will send you the tracking number and include your email so that you can track your delivery. 

Shipping overseas - this is a flat rate. If you are wanting multiple pieces then lucky you! No extra to pay. 


All items are carefully wrapped and box packed for posting. I have custom made, bespoke packaging for some pieces that has been made specifically with eco friendly materials and production to ensure your order reaches you safely via Sendle couriers. Other items are carefully wrapped to ensure its safe delivery. Whereever possible I reuse and recycle packaging material so you may notice that The packaging has had a journey or two before it came to you. That just means it's a veteran of keeping items safe in the mail and it would love for you to reuse it again. 

Gift Wrapping

Sending a gift to a friend? Just let me know and I will make sure your parcel looks beautiful. I can add in a note too so let me know what you would like me to write. 

Product Care

As with all ceramic tableware they are designed for everyday use. That said, it's good to remember to take care to avoid breakages or pieces getting chipped. The best way to keep your ceramic tableware in as new condition is to hand wash after use. I totally get that this often is not likely to happen, so I fire all my pieces to the high temperature of 1240 degrees so it is OK for the piece to go in the dishwasher. Be mindful of how you stack your pieces and be aware that depending upon the dishwasher chemicals used, you may find that over time the glazes can become dulled.

If your cup has any gold lustre then I would definitely hand wash as gold lustre does not like going through the dishwasher and is likely to fade or come off completely. Definitely do not put gold lustre into the microwave - gold is a metal! In fact I would not recommend putting any pieces in the microwave. If your cuppa goes cold, go mad, make yourself a fresh one.

Ceramic pieces can suffer from thermal shock if they go from hot to cold or vice versa too fast - this can cause cracks.

Basically whilst your pieces are fairly robust they are also a little bit fancy and like the extra TLC.